One day when Hiba is working on the street a strange man whom she has seen on the street before approaches her. He says...


“I have $100 in my

car which is down the street. if you come with me, I can give it

to you”

Hiba is twelve years old and has been working on the street for two years. Hiba lives at home with her mother, a younger brother and an extended family including her aunt, uncles and seven cousins. Hiba goes to work every day at 19:00 pm in the evening every day except for Sunday. Hiba normally finishes work very late and returns home after dark. Sometimes Hiba arrives home at 02:00 am in the morning when everyone is already asleep. On Sundays she stays at home to rest or plays in front of her house with her cousins and friends. Hiba tries to be careful on the street and protect herself but sometimes she feels scared of the strange requests that are made to her and is unsure of what to do. Sometimes people offer her money but ask her to do things she’s not sure whether she should agree to do and earn more money or whether she should say no. She finds it hard to talk to her mother about these things because her mother tells Hiba to protect herself and be careful but at the same time tells Hiba to work hard to earn money to support her family. Hiba does not want to upset her mother.

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