Once they arrive At the man's car he tells her, “You need to enter my car

to receive

the money.

Hiba walks down a quiet street with the man but feels uncomfortable.


come into

my car


1. Why do we think Hiba feels uncomfortable walking down the street with the man?

2. What is the little voice inside Hiba, ‘her instinct’, trying to tell her in the scene where she is following the man down the street?

3. Are there people on the street that Hiba could speak to about what the man has suggested

to her?

4. What are the potential risks of following someone down a quiet street?

5. Do all strangers who offer us money have our best interests at heart? *No

6. Can we change our minds and refuse to follow the person farther down the street? *Yes


Choice 1


*Note for the facilitator : Gently encourage children and adolescents to share their experiences and views

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